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About Us.

It all started a few years ago when we discovered Lotion Candles.

We started using them and loved the way they made our skin feel and the relaxing aroma they had.

Eventually we started to experiment with our mix of ingredients, scents and oils and decided to make our own lotion candles.

After trying different combinations that we liked, we started to give them as presents to friends and relatives… and before we knew it… I was being asked if they could buy them from us!

That is when we decided to create Summit Lotion Candles… The rest is history!

We hand-make our own batches and all of our products are free of chemicals, petroleum by-products, and artificial additives. We use natural, wild crafted ingredients.

Summit Lotion Candles is your source for the finest Lotion Candles on the market.

All of our natural products are formulated from the finest ingredients Mother Nature offers.

All products are proudly hand made in the USA from proprietary formulas in small batches, resulting in the maximum quality and balance between their aromatherapy and skin healing properties.

We want to operate a business in which our vision for healthy skin, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet is guided by our Core Values.

Summit Candles

Summit Lotion Candles

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