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The Original Mountain Lotion Candle

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What is a Lotion Candle?

Summit Lotion candles soften skin, and can be used as a cuticle moisturizer and to reduce roughness on hands, elbows and feet.

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We offer many scents to sooth your soul while benefitting your skin.

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What is a Lotion Candle?

Summit Lotion Candles are made entirely out of lotion. 100% natural, Shea butter- and soy-based, with no alcohol and no chemicals!

Our bodies crave moisture and need help from the elements we live with…Summit Lotion Candles are designed to do just that. The warm moisturizer that our candles provide are a gift to your skin.

The ambiance, aroma and therapeutic properties of Summit Lotion Candles are simple and relaxing.

How do you use Lotion Candles?

Summit Lotion Candles relieve stress, soften skin, be used as a massage oil or cuticle oil, and can be used to reduce roughness on elbows and heels.

Simply light your lotion candle, enjoying the aromatherapy properties - wait for the oils to form a pool and the lotion to warm - extinguish the flame and dip your fingers into the warm inviting moisturizer lotion and apply as desired.

Breathe deeply and relax! Appealing to your senses, our luxurious aromas will stimulate and relax your mind while softening and soothing your skin. Aside from the moisturizing benefits, our lotion candles add ambiance to any setting.

Let the power of our fragrance rich candles give your senses a treat!

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